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M44 Road Technologies offers a product that will revolutionize how the world will build and rebuild its future roads and streets efficiently, cost-effectively and ecologically. M44 Road Technologies is an international company, with offices in the USA, Canada, Singapore and South Africa


A new “Innovative Breakthrough” in the use of an engineered, green, non-asphaltic Modified Macro Molecular Binder (3MB). When combined with water, recycled asphalt millings (RAP) or dense grade aggregates at ambient temperatures, it creates a load-bearing structure such as Roads, Highways, Streets, Pathways, and Building Blocks. 3MB is a revolutionary green way to redeploy and reuse current road assets to renew road structures with superior performance at the competitive cost.


Due to the massive increase of air pollution the production of cement and asphalt creates, plus the continuous price increase of these two products, the global infrastructure industry it’s in desperate need to find a solution. Base-course is the standard road material used on unsealed dirt roads and for the sub- grades below asphalt and chip seal surfaces in the USA for the last 100 years. The U.S. mines 300 million tons of virgin aggregate each year to produce the base course. The large chunks of rock are hauled away to the crusher, then hauled again to be screened for size. It is then mixed with approximately 50% sand and hauled again to storage facilities. Finally, it arrives at the job sites, after using extreme amounts of fossil fuels. Asphalt highways cost over $1 million dollars per lane, per mile. Over 3500 tons of CO2 is released into the air, per lane-mile for the construction of asphalt roads. Mining and crushing rock for base course production. The cost of base-course is directly related to the distance it is hauled.


Without any doubt, our MODIFIED MACROMOLECULAR BINDER (3MB) is the best solution to bring a quick remedy to the issues of pollution and price. Our 3MB solution is a non-asphaltic binder that comes in a concentrated liquid solution. Our competitive edge is based on several factors: (1) 100% green product. 3MB is 100% environmentally friendly and it is the alternative to petroleum-based paving binders. 3MB contains no petroleum additives, requires No Heat – No Energy = No VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds), Low Carbon Footprint (2) Substantial Savings vs Conventional Paving. About 20% to 30% less than asphalt or concrete paving. (3) Fast Drying: after application, it dries within 24 to 48 hours maximum. 3MB additionally solves dust and erosion control problems, no pollution due to its environmentally friendly, non- toxic, and non-polluting compounds. 3MB saves money while building roads because it allows the use of existing soils found in the area. 3MB is safe and easy to work with because it works well with local water. Easy and safe to apply thus providing task reduction. An environmental alternative to the use of bitumen products. 3MB is 100% Green and leaves no carbon footprint.