Sta’bl-Soil PMB

Sta’bl-Soil PMB (SSPMB) is a non-asphaltic polymer modified binder that comes in a concentrated liquid solution. When appropriately combined with water, local soils or sand, it can be turned into durable roads, trails, paths and dust control.

Sta'bl-Soil is environmentally friendly, on-toxic, and non-polluting.

100 percent green.

Polymer Modified Binder Works To Create Polymer Structures That Bind Asphalt Millings Known As (RAP) Or Dense Grade Aggregate Materials Into A Semi-Flexible, Load Bearing Structure To Be Sealed Or Overlaid.

Ease of Use

(SSPMB)® Is Extremely Easy To Mix And Requires No Heat During The Mixing Or Application Process.   Simply Mix SSPMB With Asphalt Millings And Water. Mixed Material Can Be Stockpiled For Periods Of Time Before Being Used. (SSPMB)® Works Through Any Conventional Paving Equipment With No Heat And Easy Cleanup Without The Use Of Any Special Equipment, Solvents Or High Pressure. No Mess During Application And Cleans Up With Water.


The SSPMB® application produces a strong, durable, yet slightly flexible sustainable composition structure. Thus resulting in a permanent load baring surface sub-base. 

SSPMB® requires a sealant overlay surface such as chip sealing, micro surfacing, or HMA overlay.  

The right sealing combination could lead to potential LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualified surface points.  

We also produced zero VOC sealers, available as well.

What Makes Sta’bl-Soil PMB Superior

  • Sta’bl-Soil PMB is a custom engineered solution that can be used in various soils and sands.
  • SSPMB solution can turn dirt or sand roads similar to asphalt roads. • No petroleum additives.
  • No heat – No VOC emissions.
  • No time restraints.
  • Product is more cost effective than using concrete or asphalt.
  • Sta’bl-Soil PMB concentrate can be can be shipped and stored in 275 gallon totes (1,041 liters)
  • Product has been used globally, in diverse and extreme weather conditions.
  • Water based, thus concentrate readily mixes with water on site for application.

Various Types of Equipment

road paving equipment

Examples of Finished Work